Welcome on my writing to freedom blog. The best way to really see who I am is to walk with me through the process I am describing with my daily posts. By writing these posts I will share my process of discovering myself and how I am taking my responsibility for everything I think and do.

So, if you are ready to follow the process of freeing of a being just stick to this blog. If you can’t get enough just read one of the many other blogs of people dealing with their own process, see list in the sidebar of the blogpages. Be careful though, once you are aware of what it is all about there is no way back!

Are you ready for it? Go to the blog!


This blog is personal and intended as so. It is published without limitations on the internet for anyone that is interested to follow the process I am walking in this stage of my life.

As it is about my own life the posts will describe my interaction with other people but will always go back to myself. Whatever is posted on this blog is never meant to be an accuse or blame to anyone but myself. If reading a post causes reactions I suggest you investigate within yourself why the words you’ve been reading are causing a reaction. If you can do this in real self honesty (as far as you possibly can within your actual situation) you are walking the same path I do. Facing yourself is a tough thing and the process of freeing yourself from all your personal deceptions is a long and bumpy ride. All this blog does is sharing the experiences of this ride with anyone interested in the process, not in the facts I write about.

If you read this blog seeking for news, juicy stories, sex, abuse, vendetta or whatever else you are on the wrong place! Forget about this blog and search elsewhere!














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