Living in a hurry

Alone in the wildernessRecently I watched the documentary Alone in the Wilderness driven by the idea of enjoying beautiful shots of nature and wildlife. The documentary tells a story about a man living in the wilderness of Alaska while building himself a log cabin.

Many shots were about this man building his cabin and suggested he spent hours and hours sawing logs to create beams and even planks. I was impressed with the idea someone could have the courage of sawing by hand endless amounts of wood. I would have got restless and eventually opted for a tool that would have me doing this task faster.

But why? Why do I have this hurry, this rush to do my work in as little time as possible? This man out in the wilderness had only one goal, use the summer to build himself a shelter for the winter. He did his work with dedication and patience and he even explained how to saw, even if you get the feeling there is no end to it: find the right rhythm and stick to it.

I was impressed. That is a great way to approach tasks. Find your best rhythm  to do repetitive movements so they are done in the best way for the tool in combination with your body. I recognize this point. I like to do DIY and now I see that there is a relation to this point of hurry. While working with physical things and being focused on just that specific task I am performing in the best way I can, I do not have this feeling of hurry anymore. As soon as my thoughts drift away and I loose focus the results are less precise and I will get back that sense of hurry.

Day to day life is a chain of events with a constant time pressure, at least, that is the way I experience it. I am in a constant hurry while trying to slow myself down since the stress caused by being in a hurry is not supportive for my health. I am sure this feeling of constant pressure is a root cause of my chronical health issues.

The world we live in is only focusing on getting things done faster. It is as if we are loosing all patience and are more and more in a rush, trying to get things done as quickly as possible. Why? I see a direct relation with money and therefore survival. The more and quicker we work the more money we can make. This will allow us to reach the goal of happiness earlier where happiness is defined as a situation with enough money to live comfortably and without money related sorrows.

In my recent life making enough money to survive and have a decent life has been a source of stress and hurry. Now that I am in a more stable situation I see I can manage to take a deep breath once in a while. I also see that when slowing down my thoughts clear up and my productivity increases exponentially. A tasks I might try to do in a hurry while feeling pressure and causing stress and loss of focus can take up many times more effort and time compared to doing the same task after a deep breath and having slowed down myself.

My real challenge now is to slow down in any moment I feel this urge to hurry. When I take a deep breath, assess the situation in that very moment and then decide how to go on I can deploy my full potential. In order to be effective and really apply this point I use the following self forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself I have accepted and allowed myself to live in a sense of rush, preventing myself to be focused and effective with as consequence that I am only adding up to the source of stress instead of taking it away.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not slow down and take a deep breath when feeling tense and loosing focus on the activity I am doing.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel anxiety when looking at someone else doing an activity that requires focus, dedication and patience and projecting that situation to myself convincing myself that I would not be able to do the same.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not see I can slow down in any moment by taking a deep breath so I can regain my full focus and act according to my fullest potential. 

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel the constant pressure of having to hurry in order to perform my tasks while I can live a better, more relaxed, more efficient life by just slowing down and not allowing to be carried away with the sense of rush and hurry that exists in the minds of people around myself.


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