Facing the challenges of my life

For the first time since I left home to look for a job I had the chance to be re-united with my wife and children for a couple of days. While in the first few hours I was in a kind of guest modus I quickly kind of ‘clicked’ back into the old routines. Although there was a backlog of things to be done I never had a second of stress and when looking back it is amazing how many things we managed to squeeze into these few days and still managed to enjoy ourselves.

It is really great to live an event like this without all kind of ‘suggested’ feeling and emotions that might be triggered by this small family reunion after three months of separation. If you start thinking about it you might start to feel how shitty our situation still is. No home for us all in The Netherlands yet within a foreseeable period of time, still keeping up with a backlog on payments causing my salary to disappear very quickly, my daughter diagnosed presumably with hyper-mobility and unable to go to school for already three weeks. Enough shit to cry for hours.

By taking all these points as fact I have to deal with instead of mesmerizing about it and loosing myself into self pity, I can effectively discuss these and other points and work out the paths to effectively walk the process. Where in the past I tended to seek for a solution on my own for the problems I encountered, now I share the problems and effectively discuss the best way to walk, step by step, to a solution.

While traveling I listened to one of the Reptilians interviews. Really fascinating and scary at the same time. A real wake up call that motivates me to skip the bullshit and focus on my real life, taking care, step by step, of everything I need to do. Both this and also other interviews and my experience of a fully charged but awesome weekend with my family are at one end a call for life and at the other a real time experience of how you can live effectively, breath by breath.


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