The final job interview

A while ago I had a job interview and like the one I had in November I closely monitored how I and my body was reacting to the situation. Although I had a kind of a job interview a week before at a job agency this time it was more critical. Where the job agency is trying to get me some temporary work this new job interview was for a real job. Back in November I discovered that even when apparently seeming calm my body was shivering and my legs shaking. I managed to control it by breathing.

The interview was arranged by an old classmate of the primary school who, reading through my resume, saw an opportunity for me and asked to emphasize my professional writing skills in order to match the requirements of the person the company was looking for. So I did and on a snort notice I was invited. Really cool to get real support from someone that was able to spot an opportunity and give me effective tips on how to adapt my resume.

This time I had the same shaking and shivering all over my body, but only in the few moments I started thinking about ‘what if’ scenario’s. I managed to get rid of the thoughts but not always effectively enough to get them back even in the middle of the interview. Nevertheless the interview became more and more interesting when the other person started to tell in detail about his job role and about the company. The first bit of the interview was kind until the point that I was asked to describe the company I was interested in. Since there was very little time between the making of the job interview appointment and the job interview I haven’t been able to give a very clear picture of my perception of the company’s activities. Very open the interviewer made a recap of our interview at the end giving me this feedback and confirming I was going to have a second interview with the company’s general manager and to other managers.

I was invited a week later to talk with the manager responsible for development and with the general manager and founder of the company. The interview with this manager was quite nice and relaxed and again was able to give me an idea of the atmosphere within the company. I had to wait for an hour before I could meet the general manager and again we had a nice and quite informal chat in which we tried to get a general picture of each other.

Apparently the interviews and my resume were convincing and although it too two weeks to get a final response I was hired and invited to join the team within a very short notice.

Today it is exactly one month that I work in my new job meaning that I passed the first trial month rapidly fitting into the organization and being able to contribute and deliver my work efficiently almost from day 1. The step of finding a job in order to stabilize income has been taken, the next step to take now is to find a home for the whole family so we do not have to live separately.


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