Trying to be invisible

Ever since I am staying at my brother in law’s place I am feeling welcome but not always at ease. I started to investigate why. There are many factors playing a role here. I’ve been offered a place to stay in the center of a city giving me more opportunities while searching for a new job. It is now already the 26th day of my staying here and I have no job yet. There is one serious job opportunity and I just had a job interview, soon to be followed by athe next round. I applied for several jobs and got just a few replies back. Though times to get a job and in my case extra challenging due to my age (45) and the effects of the economic recession. So, it is hard working and trying to spot the right opportunities.

The fact I still do not have a job and the fact time is racing makes me feel uneasy once in a while. Until when am I welcome in this house? Are they already fed up by my presence? Oh, I wished it was all over and I could live again with my family. Not that I really miss them since I speak to them every day over Skype, it is the uneasy feeling of not being able to tell how log this situation is going to last. Everybody around me ‘hopes’ I will find a job soon and tell me they will cross their fingers (hoping they would not face the same situation themselves some time in future?).

This feeling of uneasiness is mainly generated by myself because I have an ideal picture and I see I am not fitting into it. I am sometimes trying to convince myself that I am in a bad situation and that I should be ashamed of it. But it is nothing more than a consequential outflow of what I have created myself and there is no other way out of it than walking this process step by step. So I stop blaming myself and will focus on getting the most out of the situation I am actually living in, step by step, breath by breath.

Today, while traveling back from my brother’s place, I was thinking how I could delay my arrival at my brother in law’s house as much as possible in order not to be a nuisance during the weekend. This was confirming my feeling of not wanting to be there, thus not wanting to face a consequential outflow of my own actions. The solution is very simple and straight forward. I will have to discuss the length of my stay and the conditions so everybody can agree on it and no false expectations or back chats are created. I tend to postpone this point of discussion until I know the outcome of the interview, and it certainly makes sense to do so. What scares me is the idea I am not getting the job. This will mean that there is again no clarity in the length of my stay. Every day that passes is making the equation more critical since we are running out of money and it is already money that was given to us to help us in our situation.

So it is very important to keep my feet on the ground, stay focussed and direct all I can in finding any kind of job that will generate some income and help us out of this situation. Interestingly enough it is still difficult when there is a job opportunity. Am I going to accept a low wage job that just generates some money but not enough to support my family or do I wait until I have a decent job that will give me a decent income? Needless to think out scenario’s here but I am tempted to do it. If a situation like this manifests I will have to deal with it in the best way possible using my common sense.

The mind is always trying to plan ahead or better to work out all kind of possible scenario’s so it can fuck me up with my fears. It is strange not to be tempted into these scenario thinking since it feels so empty. But that is just a feeling. Better focus on being here in the moment and act as one as self in every breath. I am regularly tempted not to allow me to focus on my process and convince myself that I should put every single second in efforts that might lead to a job. Happily enough, working on my process is going to make my search for a job more effective and this blog is part of that process.

I forgive myself that I accept and allow myself to feel less than my brother in law just because of my situation and my incapability of being clear about the length of my stay in his house.

I forgive myself that I accept and allow myself to let my mind convince me into all kind of scenario’s instead of focussing myself in being here and now, breath by breath.

I forgive myself that I accept and allow myself to be distracted by thoughts about my possible future without considering real facts and so building up energies that are of any use in improving my actual situation.

I forgive myself that I accept and allow myself that I accept to become scared of the consequential outflow of my own actions instead of keeping the mind clear and walk the point effectively.


4 thoughts on “Trying to be invisible”

  1. Thanks for sharing Pieter.

    “I will have to discuss the length of my stay and the conditions so everybody can agree on it and no false expectations or back chats are created.” – Yes in deed.

    I can relate very much to this. A point of support I was given today in regards to a similar point is that people always lie, so most people will say yes even though they mean no – obviously depending on the situation. So you might actually be a bother to them – but so what? It is quite interesting this point with “considering” and “respecting” others, while in fact it is our own fear that has “guided” and directed us through our participation – in backchat. So the support I was given with my point was to “do it anyway”. You can apply the same here with simply making it clear for yourself that it is absolutely okay that you are staying there and that it is indeed a temporary point until you find something – as a point of self-trust and self-support. Then it is up to them to set boundaries for themselves as well as you can have the discussion of how long to say. But imagine that they say (which is common) “stay as long as you like”. Would you believe them? Probably not, because they would probably be lying – lol. So there is no sure way of pleasing everyone. When we stand clear in direct communication then we stand clear.

  2. Yep, stick to your physical reality and stick to the facts that the physical reality is presenting you and see with 2 feet on the ground how you have to direct yourself. There is no need to present yourself in a convenient way that is in line with your mind reality, here you live, here you breathe and here you communicate to send all possible mind scenarios to fairy tale land. Hugs from Italy.

  3. Keep walking Pieter. I’m in the same situation where It’s simply about financials. If the Job pays the bills go for it and walk from there. It’s a more stable point to walk from. Thanks for sharing.

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