Stuck in the loop

This morning I was watching to a religious TV program in which the program presenter was introducing his visit to a woman, K., that, after having been into spiritualism found God as her savior. Already this introduction was causing some reactions in me. I saw the happiness of this man when making this introduction as if he actually was saying: “I am so happy we have added another sheep to our herd”. I saw also that is was a perfect item to use for a religious TV program where those who watch are fed with examples that should consolidate their belief or faith in their religion.

During the interview K. was telling about her youth. She was the second born and already at a young age understood that her father hoped for a son and not a second daughter. This caused her to feel unwanted and less because of not being the wanted son of her father. This thought will follow her until today without her noticing it but made clear by the stories she told about her life. She married very young and had two sons (at least her father had two grandsons, but that did not help to solve K’s inferiority complex). The relation did not last very long and not very soon after she stepped into a second relationship that ended suddenly the day her partner did not return home after a skiing holiday. He met a nice young girl and went to live with her.

K. was very disappointed since she adored the man and did everything for him, making it very harsh to be rejected not seeing she was manifesting her inferiority complex. She was not seeing that she was stuck in a loop. In the process of looking for answers in life she met a couple that was doing Reiki. She dived into it and became a Reiki Master and opened a Reiki Practice and started to earn money with this business. One day she met a woman who told her about the curch and how she found God as being her savior, freeing her from all her sorrows and problems. K. started to go to church. At first just a couple of times, than started to read the bible and went to church more often.

At a certain point she decided to be baptized so she could free herself from her sorrows and become happy again in life. After a service where her friend was baptized they asked who wanted to be baptized the next occasion and she decided to opt for it. She ad to talk with a commission of the church that had to decide if she could be baptized. Everything was fine until she told she ran a Reiki practice that was her only source of income. She lived again the feeling of being rejected, thus manifesting again this point, looping again in a phase of her life. Again she had an opportunity to deal with it but she choose to be the victim and stopped her business in order to be baptized, the white light was too strong to resist.. Curiously enough her story did not mention what she was doing since then in order to make a living.

I see here a peson that believes that thinks that she found the ultimate happiness but actually did not change anything in her life. Still in the same loop and still with the same mindfucks. Until she is not finding a way to take her own responsibilities for what she is manifesting in her own life she will again look for another ‘solutionn’ when she will find out that reading the bible and going to church will only satisfy her need for energy but not give her any answers to her real problems.

I see also how a producer of a religious TV program abuses this story to show people how they can find the ultimate happiness in the faith to God pushed by their own belief it is really the key to ultimate happiness. I see how faithful people will see this as a confirmation that their religion is the best thing and that this same religion helped another person.


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