What will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ?

Warren Buffett is one of the world wealthiest people and it sounds logical to wonder what would happen to his wealth in a Equal Money System. Although he is giving away up to 99% of his fortune to philanthropic causes like the Gates Foundation he is not contributing to an equal world by doing this since the goals of this foundation, to globally enhance healthcare,  and reduce extreme poverty are not based on the principle of an equal life for all.

Even before an Equal Money System is going to be implemented there are ways the existing wealth of a few on earth like Warren Buffett can be used to finance initiatives like the Basic Income Grant (BIG) that ensures every living person on earth to get enough money to provide for their basic needs.

Since Warren Buffet already is donating his wealth it should not be impossible to redirect money to BIG after having properly explained what this grant is based on, unless there is a hidden agenda that is against the redistribution of wealth in the interest of all. I can only guess about the motivates this man has to donate his wealth. It is very plausible that he is driven by profit and that also his donations are aimed at incrementing his capital in some way, money attracts money.

So, how would it be possible to change this situation and redistribute wealth in such a way that everybody in an equal way can benefit from it? To answer this question lets start to look at ourselves. If asked we are often willing to donate something for a good cause. What is our motivation in the moment we decide to give money? Many options are possible here, but they are eventually starting from the same point: fear. Fear in a subtile way that can be like: “I prefer to donate a specific amount I decide instead of having to give an amount decided by others”. Or you might think you are doing a good thing so you can tell others you did so to feel good, not taking into consideration you are doing this to feed your ego in order not to feel guilty to have a better or more decent life than others.

In either way money is seen as a property, something that belongs to you and you have an emotional binding with. Money means you have the means to survive, and the more you have the nicer your life can be, the more choices you might thing to have, it makes you happy and gives you power, the power to rule over others with less money or in need of money. This makes it very difficult to give our money away, even if we have plenty of it. And if we do the motivation is very often based on a calculation and dealt with as an investment to improve our image or out of fear in an attempt to protect our position.

Money is not considered as life itself, as a supporting tool to give us all a decent living. The challenge in the coming times is to let people gain insight in what money really is and what we need to do in order to take our responsibilities towards ourselves and therefore to all other living beings so we can create a sustainable way of living on our planet without any form of abuse in situations of equality for all, making life worthy for all and not for a happy few. You can start asking yourself how really happy one can be in a unequal world where you constantly need to protect your belongings from those that might take it from you just because they try to survive.

So what can we do to contribute to a better world? We need to educate ourselves and others in the process of educating themselves so we can become all living part of a world that is giving equal chances to every living being. Follow us at Desteni.

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