Integration opportunity

A couple of days ago I received a mail from a company in Switzerland asking if I was still available for a job I applied for over a year ago. I answered yes without hesitation since my actual economical situation is not really allowing me to let go any offer of this type.

Besides the financial factor we as a family consider this opportunity a new step in our process of re-integrating back into society we fled from when moving to Italy. We never found the country we had in our imagination, the reality was harsh and merciless.

Although the proposed salary is not very high and it will still remain a challenge to make a decent living out of it I decided to accept the challenge. Together with my partner and kids we are working on all kind of scenario’s to see what is the best solution. Do we have to move right away, are the kids going to finish the school year before we move while I travel back and forth in the weekends?

Without doing future projections, or at least limiting it to a minimum we are considering all the possible options looking at practical points and financial sustainability. If we have to move on a short term we need financial help to pay for the move, if we do it in the summer I can start earning some money and save some to pay for the move.

Although I am living this new opportunity in a quiet way my body is reacting heavily to this possible change. I have definitely a couple of resistances here to consider in the near future. My Colitis Ulcerosa, a chronic disease that did not bother me for over twenty years and started when I moved from Italy to Holland, is back and is furious. But something changed in the way I am living this disease. I had fear twenty years ago, now I monitor the evolution of the disease and will see a doctor shortly to have medication to treat the symptoms.

Although I still have to go for job interview, I am walking a process of preparing myself with all the necessary information I can find to be able to make a proper decision and ask for the right conditions. That to me is taking self responsibility within the context of the moment I am in right now, living it breath by breath.


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