Picking fruit in an Equal Money System

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Ever asked yourself who picked the apple or the pear you buy in the shop? Ever asked yourself where it came from? To many of us it is normal to have a full choice of fruit in the shop so we are ‘free’ to choose and eventually feel good about it. When I started to consider and to research the other end of the fruit chain the pear I ate started to taste a little bitter.

Besides the seasonal fruit from the area there is a lot of fruit coming from everywhere. What about the fruit that is flown in from China for instance? Sounds crazy if you really consider the fact the fruit you buy is coming from the other side of the globe. In what we call ‘civilized countries’ part of the fruit in the shops is Made in China! This tells me that the price paid at the source has to be very low since the transportation and the wholesale part of the final price is quite big.

If you start surfing on the internet you’ll find an enormous variety of fruit picking job offers. Some as normal seasonal jobs, many disguised as nice holiday activities even as backpacking destinations in countries around the globe. They are advertised as nice jobs where you can make a lot of money. Reading a couple of forums gives a different picture and stresses on what fruit picking really is. This sentence comes from one of these forums: “Working in orchards is backbreaking menial labor. That is why most of the work in the fruit industry in the US (and increasingly Canada) is done by transient Latin Americans who are happy with any work.”

This brings me to the point of money. Fruit picking is a labour intensive activity that is mostly done by low wage working force that is happy with the little money they get so they can survive in our actual capitalistic world system. “Who cares” you could say, “everybody is happy, ‘they’ make some money where else they would starve and we can buy relatively cheap fruit in our shops.”

Let me question the point of ‘us’ in the rich part of the globe having the luxury to choose from all kinds of fruit coming from all over the planet to our shop. Is there a real need? Is it to give us a feeling we have a wider choice so we can feel happy? Could be. Are we still happy if we consider the fruit picker doing all the hard work for a wage that is just enough to survive? And what if we consider the trading system that is squeezing the farmers to sell for the lowest price and selling it again for the highest possible price to the retailers? And do not forget all the energy used for the transportation, often refrigerated, of millions of tons of fruit, from producer to consumer.

When I started to consider all these points the fruit I bought started to taste bitter. What is wrong with the apples from the nearby countryside? And what is wrong about not eating apples when it isn’t the right season? Like many other facts in our daily life this is a situation of abuse that, even though we are not agreeing with it, we support and accept by keeping on buying our exotic fruit. This suggests that if we start buying only local produce or fruit that has ben picked by people that have been properly paid for it, we can stop eventually this abusive fruit trade.

Applying this in practical life is not easy since the whole system we live in is working the same way as the fruit industry. The whole trade is based on maximizing profit and is not taking into account long term sustainability, decent compensation for farmers and who has to do the labor. If we stop consuming all goods that are ‘unethical’ we probably will starve or have at least troubles in getting enough food.

Is it possible to switch to a more local based economy? In theory yes, the reason why we have seen the opposite happening is because the trading of goods made it more attractive for producers to specialize on a product instead of keeping a variety of products. Again, focussing on the highest possible profit. Why? Because we need money to ‘buy’ a decent life and if possible even more than just decent. We are raised as consumers and we ‘need’ to own a house, a car, all kind of equipment. Not because we need it to live a decent life but to feel good and eventually better that others that are not managing to reach the same levels of wealth.

Again we can look at the consequences of the wealth we see as a standard in our western democracy consumeristic society. If we look at the total equation of what the standards we live in are causing at the other end of the balance we see there is no balance at all. There is only abuse. In order to live our life’s the way we do now, other humans are suffering and struggle every day to survive.

We are running towards a global crash of the actual economic system. Bailout after bailout we see no changes, it only gets worse and we made enough debts to ensure the grandchildren of our grandchildren a heavy tax burden. Every day we keep on accepting and allowing our actual system we are worsening this situation of inequality and total lack of respect to life itself.

So, what is the solution? A system that starts from a point of equality for all. Only when life will be seen as a fundamental right for every living being on earth in total equality, so no difference between you and me, we can start to build a real sustainable system where money is not anymore a tool for power and available to the happy few but a fundamental right that stands for life. This system exists and is called the Equal Money System. Since it is the only system considering equality for all it is sustainable for ever and a way to end the hell we are now living in on earth.

Before a system like Equal Money can be implemented we need to change as humans. The only way to do so is to stop blaming others and take our own responsibilities for everything we do and say. This goes much further than you might think. It implies you take responsibility for the fruit you buy in the shop, considering the consequences of you buying it and therefore supporting an abusive system. It implies taking self responsibility for all you think, say and do. There is no other way to start a real change in this world than by changing yourself and being a living example to others.

If you are ready to take the step, visit the site of Desteni to find a lot of fascinating and revealing information about the world we are all part of. You can go a step further and start using the tools to develop yourself, supplied with the DIP courses. To see who already is in the process of change for an equal world you can visit the Destonians site and for your questions visit the Wiki.


One thought on “Picking fruit in an Equal Money System”

  1. Being spoilt for choice in richer countries meant we lost our skills and knowledge of being self sustainable and the cheaper more exploitable workforces abroad meant our own manufacturing and agricultural industries declined heavily. This has allowed us to also be used in different ways and to create friction between different social groups.

    People are also essentially greedy so when faced with the choice of cheap food or clothing for example they’ll take it rather than fair trade, or waiting until the food they want is in season where they live. Many people have the ‘I’m not really affecting anyone else with my choices’ and/or the ‘it’ll never happen to me’ mentality so they don’t really care, though they might feel the tiniest guilty for a second before they then take a bite. This is how people can just walk homeless people like they don’t exist and walk through birds on the ground like they’re meaningless obstacles easily scattered. To many people, pain/difficulty doesn’t really flash in their minds unless it’s personal or happens to someone/thing they care about – and usually it has to hit them economically in the pocket as well before they would care let alone change. This has allowed for the majority of us to lead lives of normalised atrocity, where we are literally committing, participating in and condoning atrocity every day and not even realising it or thinking it’s nominal and secretly because they think there’s no repercussion that will affect them. One of many doing the same thing, so they think their personal responsibility is lessened.

    I once had a discussion about monetary and trade inequality and inequality of opportunity with a ‘family’ member, a trader buying cheap from Asia and selling here. Of course he immediately got defensive and explained to me counting on his fingers that the wage earner there could buy rice and staples on such a living and fish once a week etc and I simply said ‘but you can what you want whenever you want’ and that shut him up. It didn’t stop him though even though he realized because at the end of the day people believe that even if their ‘living’ has to be off the backs of others (though why it HAS to be is not valid) then it has to be done. I remember a study of a breed of monkeys (I don’t advocate experimenting on animals) where they had pairs of monkeys and groups in ‘boxes’. In these boxes, they would be separated in different numbers, some with one on one side and a group on the other, others in pairs, others with multiples on both side – but with glass in between so they could see each other. Food was place on one side only but when one of them went to eat, the monkey(ies) on the other side would be electroshocked (who and why pay for this shit?) so the inmates realised that to get the food they would have to hurt others. Well, once they realised that, none of them touched the food and some of them starved. Now many people would call that stupid and go on about sacrificing for the ‘greater good’ but I call that response bull shit. I know plenty of people who wouldn’t think twice about being negatively selfish, or who would think ‘sorry mate, it’s me or you’ and I know a grand total of one possibly one person other than myself who would show solidarity for a stranger and say this is not on. People have been around for a long time, and commit the more horrible crimes on a daily basis en masse, and everytime we have a period of enlightenment on any social subject it tends to be taken to the extreme and ruined in the next couple of generations or forgotten and we have to be taught over and over again and still the majority of us don’t get or care about ethics. Technologically forwards and socially backwards and we’re getting more and more dumbed down with intentional misuse of the education system, restriction of home schooling and rubbish in the food/water/air/fabrics/building materials/medicine. Heaven help us.

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