No sugar diet

Since a couple of days I am on a no sugar, no yeast and no wheat diet. The reason for that is that my partner S. recently did some research due to health problems she had. Checking and rechecking the symptoms and all information she could find on the internet the diagnosis was Candida albicans. She started with giving me a list of symptoms that potentially could be related to Candida. Since there are really a lot of them that could apply I started to investigate for myself. The main reason for me considering I also might have a Candida infection is the simple fact this fungus lives in almost everybody and since we are sexually active there was no chance for me not to be infected.

On the list of symptoms I could easily pick a couple that sounded very familiar and giving me some health problems for quite a while. Dizziness and respiratory problems are the main ones but a series of other symptoms were enough to convince me a diet was the least I could to for a healthier body. I am not addicted to sugar, however, if I could, every day by mid morning I was looking forward to a cup of coffee with honey and some cookies to still my hunger since by then the fruit breakfast was almost forgotten. Both the fruit (melon, banana, grapes) and the chocolate cookies were a real sugar and wheat bomb. If you consider all the bread I was eating over a week (sandwich, pizza, slices) there was a lot of yeast too in my diet. And yeast converts into sugar and the same applies to wheat and most fruit.

Looking at the list of what I should not eat for the coming months I realized there was not much left. With a little creativity and a lot of money we spend doing groceries at the local bio-food store we managed to produce some nice meals (mainly thanks to S. who likes to cook and is not afraid of some new challenges).

A diet is nice but gets complicated when you have to eat somewhere else. My challenge started yesterday where I was helping a friend photographer shooting photo’s and making video’s of a real Italian wedding. Already at our first stop at the brooms house we were offered bread with local dry meat, sausages and salami with a glass of wine (!). It was not even ten o’ clock in the morning. I managed to keep a low profile so nobody noticed i did not take anything. I was less lucky at the bride’s house where I took something that at least was not containing any sugar. By the end of a log day I could conclude it did not go too bad. I had no sweet things (except one thing that I took as something else) and managed to eat raw vegetables, onions and some risotto.

A while ago our diet was actually quite healthy, we even had a period we ate mostly raw vegetables, something we let go when S. cleared her starting point for following that diet and also for practical reasons connected to a chronic  money shortage. Although we can afford ourselves to spend a little more on food we kept on with our cheap food until a couple of days ago.

While looking at the food you eat while trying to skip everything that contains sugars (even honey, cane sugar, sugars in fruit), wheat and yeast you come to the conclusion almost all processed foods contain either all or a couple of these elements. Even among the natural foods there is plenty of stuff containing sugar in some form and yeast even when the wheat is replaced by something else.

I have a long period with no fruit (except oranges and grapefruit) coffee, ice-cream, bread and cookies ahead. No problems with that, not even longing to any of those things. No hunger either (which helps a lot) due to a good cereal with yoghurt breakfast and well balanced lunches and dinners.


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