Today I was dealing with a customer I have had many talks with. The first talks go back to January, the month I started to work for this company. In all these months I learned to know the man better and better and I could see how he was manipulating me and my colleagues to get everything he needed for his business. He is apparently successful in doing so since his business is doing well. Happy with the services we deliver he purchased even more services but always asking for the lowest price and the best support.

I do not know if he did it on purpose or not but he managed to have a year subscription for free without paying for it. When at last we found out I confronted him with fact. The only thing he could do as a reply was repeating the last agreement we made for the additional services that are not including the service he got for free.

I wrote again a mail explaining him he was using our services and that he should pay for it accordingly. I gave him the whole picture and stressed he had over 30% discount on our services. His reply? A copy of the last agreement.

It is a real challenge not to develop backchat at this point or all kind of scenario’s on why this man is acting this way. I’ve experienced that he is successfully manipulative in his approach with others and is using these skills to raise a smoke curtain and push his thing through. Now, I asked him to read again my mail and to reply to what I said. He must know that something is going to happen and that he will have to move now. The game is over, from my point of view at least.

My thing is to leave the matter for what it is now until he replies or contacts me. Then I will make my point and I will be prepared not to be manipulated but acting here and now in honesty with myself.

Backchat, thought or just common sense? “If he is not willing to understand and to pay for the services he is using and making a lot of money with, we will simply stop the services until a payment is done.”


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