Predicting catastrophies

A while ago read an article about the fact ecologists have a hard time in predicting ecosystem collapses like seismologists are not capable of properly predicting natural events like the earthquake in Japan.

I had several reactions while reading the title and the article itself. I just see people focusing on how to predict events so we can calculate or evaluate how to deal with these events. Researchers monitored and studied the impact of adding a different fish species in a lake to find that it caused the local ecosystem to show huge fluctuations in for instance the algae. But why should we need to research this in the first place? We need it to know how far we can go altering our environment in our own interest (intensive fish breeding in this case).

One could see it as a positive trend that there are people out there that apparently care and start doing research. But if I see what the industry is doing when it comes to evaluating investments and profit, there is very little chance environmental aspects are going to be taken into account. The research is funded by the same companies that want to make profit the whole research and the eventual results are a nice cover up to keep everybody quiet or even better, to work on their image as caring companies or multinationals.

If we just avoid this kind of abuse there is no need to predict anything since the ecosystems is left as it is and will maintain its balance all by itself. The solution is simple but it is not what we apparently are looking for since it means that we need to take responsibility for the way we consume and keep on buying the products made by the multinationals who on their turn are only interested in profit.

Meanwhile we should work on a system that is allowing real research to be done that will assist us in restoring the balance of the planet and help us in being effective in supporting nature instead of abusing it.

All this is only possible if we eliminate the power of money, the greed and the blind run to profit and start doing and developing things in the best interest of all. The Equal Money System will make it possible to eliminate all abuse just by providing the right to live for every living being on the planet.


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