Threatening radiation

As every human I tend to just go on with my daily matters and avoid thinking about complex matters I do not know an answer for. While browsing Facebook I ran across a video about the consequences of the Fukushima disaster, I should say the apocalyptic consequences for humanity and life in general on our planet.

You feared a nuclear third world war? This is worse. And not only the Fukushima one, we are still suffering from the consequences of Chernobil and do not under estimate the consequences of munition with depleted uranium.

It is a complete mess! We are already in a scenario that is even worse than we could imagine after a nuclear war. For two reasons. First, we are not experiencing a war situation and keep on with our regular life. Second, there are no destroyed cities with death zones, the threat is global and the radiation is exponentially higher than what could have been released during an explosion of an atomic bomb.

I am not sure how to deal with this information. I am refusing to ignore it. I can’t. But what should I do? I first need to calm down and bring the whole thing back to myself. Breathe in, breathe out. Ok, that is better.

Let’s see the practical side. How can I reduce the risk of contamination in day to day life. In the coming days. weeks, months (years, decades, centuries, millennia) we might have to deal with contaminated rain. This means that we will not be able to eat vegetables from our fields and we can’t drink the water that comes out of the spring or the tap. Bottled water is maybe safer but who is giving any warranties that it will be uncontaminated water?

I see that I have fear on this point. Fear generated by the unknown. While writing my mind is working out scenario’s that consider borrowing or buying a device that can measure radiation so I can check everything I drink and eat. But what will I do if everything seems to be highly radioactive? Eat or drink it anyway to develop nasty cancers or starve to death? I am not sure what should be better. Or should I move to an area that is far from the threat? But where is that? Maybe the southern hemisphere, but all depends on how the currents will move around the radioactive clouds.

Breathe in, count to 4, breathe out, count to 4…

Besides being scared I am surprised, bitter and mad because of how we humans have been capable of messing up things. And what drives me even more crazy is that most of us just go on, as if nothing ever happened! Unacceptable!

So, what can I do to make a difference? Work on my own process by examining what I have accepted and allowed and unraveling step by step the true “I” as part of humanity. Only by being a living example I can contribute to a world with equality, equal chances and equal money for all living beings.

I see that for me this is the only way to go. Join me in the “I” process or, if that is still too much for you, just follow me and many others in our day to day life through my blog or one of the many others.

The ultimate solution for all evil and abuse within an equal world is the EMS, the Equal Money System. It is a sustainable system that is giving equal rights and equal chances to every living being on earth. If this sounds completely out of reach to you just consider that our actual system is not sustainable and is only serving a happy few. Consider also that it might not take long before you join the growing group of people with financial problems, fucked up by the system, the greed of a happy few. The probability that you too will have to face difficult situations that come on top of the consequences of what we as humanity already caused and let happen like the Fukushima disaster, is growing every day. So, wake up and take action!


2 thoughts on “Threatening radiation”

  1. Thank you, Pieter. I’m also amazed at the indifference of the masses. Between this and the BP oil spill in the gulf a year ago, we have witnessed two horrific environmental disasters that will have repercussions for years to come and, most people simply don’t seem to care at all. I don’t get it…

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