Back chats and justifications

Once you start checking out your back chat, it is amazing how often your mind is chatting about the things you are dealing with throughout the day. The most persistent back chat is caused by a point that is starting by myself, of course… S. is very busy with all her assignments, blogs and in between she squeezes her tasks as a mother in our household.

Nevertheless I have found myself in conflict with the fact S. is so busy, feeling I am the one that is taking care of all those small household things that come in between and eventually frustrating my efficiency regarding the way I manage my time during the day. But as long as I find myself doing things that are not the most important things, or just relaxing once in a while I truly should not have any reason to feel frustrated.

While my mind suggests I have to blame others for the fact I am feeling I am not managing my time as efficiently as I should throughout the day. The truth is I have to work on a balance between my regular work, my special assignments and all the tasks related to the house and in this period the veggy garden.

Analyzing the situation there is actually no real problem. I should be able to perform all my tasks in a constant but relaxed way. So, what is it that makes me think I am too busy and I have to do all these things alone? There is something in the mind that is always looking for something or someone to blame, just to make sure I can justify why I did not do all the things I could logically do in a day time.

While working behind a computer it is very easy to get distracted and to find yourself doing or reading something that you eventually could have done in another moment or not at all since it is not necessary. But of course the mind always tries to find a justification like “I might need this on another occasion”.

Even if the back chat is suggesting differently there is no big deal, life is going on and all that needs to be done gets done at the end. Just a matter of evaluating the priorities in the moment and execute my tasks in the moment and not already in the mind while still doing another thing risking to lose focus on the actual task and losing time on the task that when performed here and now will not be the same as the same task pre-runned in the mind.


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