Choosing between fear and love

A while ago I watched this video about the ‘choice’ between fear and love. Love is presented as the solution to all evil. The movie is well made and at the end it might even be quite convincing, but it leaves me with unanswered questions. The main question is how can I transform my love into something real? A feeling of love will eventually lead to perform some actions, but having the point of love as a starting point might cause some issues later on.

The movie starts with a whole series of items that should give us a sense of fear. There is a lot of valuable information in this video though that is showing and recapping many facts of the world we are living in now. Then it calls for revolution, the revolution of love. Through meditation we will be able to change ourselves and the world.

I suggest we take into consideration all the issues shown in the movie, and starting from ourselves, we take our own responsibility, by establishing where we personally are contributing to the conservation of fears and opinions and consequently take our responsibility for our share of the whole. If we start doing this with more and more people we are really working towards a solution that is real and not something that can exist only in the mind such as love.

So, the only way to deal with all the shit in this world is self-honesty and self realization as a part of a process that will lead to equality for all. An Equal Money System will be the main tool to make the big change by drastically changing the purpose and the meaning (value) of money from something that is equal to power and abuse to something that is equal to life.


One thought on “Choosing between fear and love”

  1. Cool common sense. Love might act as a motivator for actions, but if our actions require love as a motivator – there will be many days when we are unable to act. And for example here love makes no comment on how to deal with that.

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