Idea becomes trouble

I wrote this part on March 18th:

A couple of nights ago I decided to look into a small issue on my computer. A little bit later I was into changing graphical layout, trying series of small applications and only later I realized I lost completely my focus. My starting point was not there anymore and I was caught in a system of how I could make my computer look nicer and have more fancy things to work with. All justifiable in terms of productivity but strangely enough not taking into consideration the time I needed to search, test and implement these nice options.

The whole process lead to a complete stall of my computer not booting anymore because of a defective CD that was not willing to come out (I own a MacBook, for who might guess). Not being able to be productive for a couple of hours frustration started to build up with the only to blame being myself. By slowing down and looking at the problem from the perspective of: “What is the situation I have now, in this very moment? The CD is stuck in the computer and needs to come out.”, and within a couple of minutes I managed to get the CD out. Minutes later I could boot the computer and a little later I configured the OS in such way that the original issue was solved.


Several weeks later I am still confronted with the consequences of my own actions. In the process of reinstalling I have not been accurate enough to backup all necessary data and lost all my new jobs company mail until that date. It is not a terrible issue, but I could have avoided it easily. The other side of the medal is that this episode forced me into understanding better a couple of technical matters related to Linux OS. This shows again there is no absolute bad or good even though our mind is constantly seeking for these polarities making sure we are blind enough not to see the other side of the polarity.

This leads also to review my opinion strategy. It happens regularly that I am building an opinion on something that a little later shows not to be the right one only becouse I did not take everything into consideration. This again shows that I need to be precise and investigate everything thoroughly.

Just for the record, I managed to change the graphical lay-out and add some cute special effects, although completely useless, they make you smile once in a while (Compiz for  who might guess). I also managed to activate my webcam, so for Vlogs I have my iPhone and my laptop, no excuses anymore!


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