The blind run of China

A while ago I decided to watch a couple of video’s I found in the articles of a alternative news channel. The first one was a documentary that showed a study of the actual situation in China, discussing the very fast growth and the consequences of this evolution China is going through.

What struck me were just a couple of things that repeated itself constantly during the 45 minutes long documentary. At a certain point I was clearly seeing that the motivation, the drive of an enormous country like China was greed! Not that it really surprises me since everything happening now in the whole world is among others things based on greed. But it is mind blowing if you are faced with the outflow of just a couple of simple things like greed, jealousy, hope in the perspective of an enormous country like China.

In order to give a couple of perspectives or different point of views, different people were interviewed throughout the documentary. A former farmer working in the construction business, a taxi driver, a car sales man and a real estate business owner (the largest real estate business of China and therefore the largest of the world). to make the picture complete two economists gave their comments on the situation. These last two men agreed on the fact the country was growing very rapidly and that there was a growing group of people growing richer rapidly leaving the poor people behind. Not very long ago everybody was poor, now a few are getting rich.

The amazing thing is that everybody seems to pursuit the same thing, the poor and the rich: more wealth. Poor people dream of buying nice cars, owning a own house and working less for more money, rich people try to get as much as possible off the price of the luxury car they are buying. I saw childlike happiness in the eyes of an adult that just bought a new car for almost 80.000 euro. Even more shocking was the comment that this specific car dealer just sold 200 cars like this one in a month time.

According to the economists China is a hard working country with a corrupt government that is making an enormous amount of money stimulating the real estate business since it makes money on selling the land and retrieving taxes on the sales. This maybe explains why there are brand new but almost empty cities in China. Just for speculation. People buy houses as an investment hoping the prices will go up so they can sell with profit. It is so blind! Money as the only drive, nothing else matters. And this can be applied to all layers of the population, the real estate man making money just for the fun of making more money, the car sales man needs money to make it possible for his son to study abroad, the taxi driver sees a potential increase in the amount of people needing his services so he can earn more money and the construction worker to have money for a more decent life.

Not one of these persons seems to be concerned with the world as a whole, they are just focusing on what is best for them personally. The government is not doing anything different and pursues the line of greed and power making as much possible money out of the rapid growth the country is going through. China is running towards self destruction and apparently nobody is noticing. It is time to wake up and become aware of the consequences our actions and thoughts have on our planet. It is time to stop supporting this abuse of ourselves and others and it is time to stand for equality. Only by taking our responsibility for everything we think and do we can start to move the world to a system that is best for all.

I already guessed in a certain way China was going into this direction. Seeing the documentary caused me to feel the situation on my skin and make me wonder how it ever would be possible to make the people in a country this big and all so busy in desperately pursuing this capitalistic ideal. The only thing I can do is to be one vote for world equality and by supporting the Equal Money System to make this world into a better world for everybody.


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