Today I experienced a mechanism that is typical…

Today I experienced a mechanism that is typical of a system that is depending on money when money = surviving. Every thursday morning I do voluntary work for an association. My main task is to help out with technical issues related to the association’s website. Today it was finally decided that a couple of important improvements needed to be done to the website in order to offer the services the association plans to implement in the near future. Like for the whole set-up of the actual site I can bill the association for this extra and more technical work that needs to be done on a short term.

Especially now that I am very busy and I have to carefully plan my activities, prioritizing those that are most profitable in spite of others that are less, people seem to understand that with money they will be able to have their work prioritized.

Interesting mechanism, the more I am busy doing work the less I am available to do other work that is less profitable but eventually better in terms of being good for all.

I’ve been noticing a difference between the period I was able to accept and perform quickly a task and sometimes had to wait for a while before I got paid. Now that I hesitate and make myself harder to get I see that people tend to wrap-up their payments more quickly as if they want to make sure that the next time they hire me I will take into account they will pay me immediately.

This is also causing a polarity and I see that although it is very hard for me to postpone jobs that are nice to do but will generate less or no money I will prioritize the money makers by putting task and money on a

Another consequence of this system and of the fact I am not fully willing to accept this money driven mechanism I still want to make everybody happy, and therefore I feel the pressure to finish all the assignments in a short period of time.

If these polarities will not exist any longer in an equal world with an Equal Money System the scenario would have been completely different, there will be no need for doing the best paid jobs first. The priority will only be based on the needs of what is best for all.

As long as I am accepting this mechanism I am contributing to keeping it intact. I will have to find my ways of dealing with it in the best possible way taking my own responsibilities.


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