What is behind that dream?

This is the car I dreamt about. My father owned this type of car for many years.

This morning I woke up in the middle of a dream. I’d been dreaming about me selling an old timer car I owned but I did not need any more (I probably needed the money but the dream was not clear about this). I do not remember how it went in detail but at a certain point there was someone that showed interest for the car and for some reason the car ended up in the hands of someone else, who I met in a different occasion who took the car without me knowing it and had an accident with it. When I heard about the accident I decided to make a visit to this person who was working in some kind of institute or hospital. It was quite easy to find the person and facing her with the facts (I have a picture of a small lady with long hair of an undefined age, a little shabby).

While getting more aware of my dream and by starting analyzing it, the images and memories immediately started to fade. It would have been interesting to find out where it all started in order to understand what the dream was really about. For me it is clear it illustrates one or more issues I am struggling with now within my process and these points go deeper than selling a car or blaming another for something that happened with a property of yours.

One of the points I can see in this dream is about cars. I always have considered a car as a mechanical device that I used to move myself and others from A to B. But the fact of having a car, a specific type of car that has specific features is still connected to emotions. Driving without emotions and feelings is almost impossible since the act of driving is a perfect moment for the mind to use that moment of driving activity to start all kind of routines. I practiced with stopping the mind by attempting to empty my head and just do what I was supposed to do: driving. Within seconds a new thing popped up in my mind and I started thinking about it. Trying to force yourself in the moment lead me to enjoy the drive, the way the car behaves on the road going as far as comparing myself in my car to others on the road and feeling more or less than the others. It is crazy how quickly that all happens and it leads to nothing at all.

Going back to the dream it is a pity I do only remember some vague details like the car model (see picture). Is the fact I dreamt about a type of car we as a family had in the seventies having any deeper meaning? It might relate to my father or simply to the picture of this type of car owned by some neighbor back in The Netherlands. I’ll have to guess here so I stop digging for now.

The next step for me will be to become more aware of what goes on in my mind while I am driving and address it immediately. Tomorrow I have a couple of one hour drives and a lot of things going on to ‘worry’ about, so enough potential for some nice thoughts.


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