Double Relief

A couple of posts ago I told you about how I’ve been postponing a necessary change regarding the way I was registered as a tax payer. When I finally went to an accountant and asked how this change could be realized it turned out to be quite simple. Apparently it had bothered me a lot, because I felt a huge relief when I realized it was going to make my life a little easier not having anymore to set money aside to pay taxes and having to pay the taxes for the next year in advance. With not VAT on my invoices my financial offers are also more attractive to a certain type of customer like schools and institutions.

It was clear that this money related issue was a heavy weight on my shoulders, heavier than I was prepared to admit. But, hey, what could I do about it. Apparently I could, but waited quite some time before I did an attempt not to face the issue in its entireness. I am not yet out of trouble, still making very little money for what I actually need to pay off my debts, but I am making some progress.

I felt another relief tonight. To be more precise, what I felt tonight was the physical relief that expressed itself as a muscle pain in my neck and shoulders. I felt also very tired and decided to take it easy for an hour or so. I managed to let it go and now I feel much better. The pain is gone and although tired I am just doing fine.

This relief was caused by another money related issue. It had to do with the amount on the invoice I was going to send in for the work I did the last month in my new job. Since I am working in a very small business that is going through a period of enormous growth there is not yet a lot of money to pay the three people that are working really hard to make the whole thing work properly. In the last couple of days I had a couple of talks with my both colleagues. The talks I had with the business owner were giving me the message I should be very careful with the amount of money I was going to ask since it might compromise what the small business could afford to do in the near future. I mentioned an amount that for me was already taking care of that and represented to me the absolute minimum I needed to support myself and my family for this month. At first I was made clear it was really too high and I was left puzzled since I could not possibly ask less without getting in trouble immediately mot being able to pay my bills. I did explain my situation carefully and told my colleagues that I had little choice and had to constantly consider the work I was doing to make was going to generate that minimum amount of money I needed.

This morning we had the final talk about the matter and surprisingly I had not to explain my point again. The fact I had to stick to that amount had been accepted and we agreed on how the available money was going to be distributed among the three of us. Later today I found out that the amount I asked for was a net amount and that the income tax part was taken care of by the company giving me a better understanding on why there was an issue. On top of the sum of our three salaries the company has to pay 20% to Uncle Sam, this amount represents the fixed  income taxes we have to pay.

In preparation of the talk of this morning I have been rehearsing the argumentation I had to make my point in countless scenario’s of which not one corresponded to reality of course. I knew they would not but although I was aware of this I had not been able to stop it.

It all has been an interesting experience since I have been able to see and recognize several issues I can now work on in the very next future.


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