Paying taxes

- Silvio (premier of IT) is threatening not to pay taxes - ... if someone is having a crisis he always does what he can do best

It is funny to see how the mind works when you suddenly realize you have been tricked again. I guess I have a lot of things I have been postponing so many times that I lost track of them. How conveniently! Just postpone and eventually you will wake up a morning and it is gone. Once in a while, with the right triggers, these forgotten things might pop up again. The trigger can be anything, the nastiest are for instance those things that you ‘forgot’ about but have grown nastier in time.

I guess I have loads of them and will have to face them in due time since everything you do or do not do has consequences. Since I started to follow S’s process I have been wondering where all the shit was coming from she was dealing with. I compared it with myself and did not see that many issues for my reality, until…

Until I started to realize I have been stuffing away quite systematically my feelings and emotions over time. We’ll see what that is going to give in the next months/years. The most resent thing I have been postponing is a matter that has to do with my fiscal position. As a self employed worker I am falling under a specific tax category that is connected to the kind of work I do. Since I am registered as an IT consultant I have to pay a certain fixed amount of taxes that is calculated on an average turn over that one is supposed to have. If you are not reaching that amount you may get your tax money back one or two years after the year you paid taxes for. Besides this you have to pay in advanced for the coming year. Not a very nice scheme if you are earning very little money. It means you have to borrow money to pay taxes you eventually will be payed back.

Even though I have been asking my accountant if I could change my fiscal label to something more in line with the amount of money I am making. No answer so far even if I have been asking the question already for a couple of times. Talking about my wage for this month at my new employer I was suggested to visit their accountant since all workers for that company are billing their work as self employed workers. Since they are billing less than 30.000 euro a year they have a special fiscal position allowing them to pay not more than 20% of taxes. Sounds very attractive. Another advantage is that I can send invoices without VAT making the price look more attractive.

If I look at the reasons why I have been postponing actions to address this issue I can’t see any good motivation. Since I am in Italy I never managed to earn more than the 30.000 euro’s anyway, so I could ask myself why in the first place I chose to agree being in the higher tax income level. I remember making forecasts in the first years and general positiveness about the business and work I could generate led me into accepting the unfavorable conditions I am in till today.

We’ll see tomorrow if we can change this situation into a more favorable one and if it has positive consequences on the taxes I still have to pay. So this one is almost done… what’s up next?




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