Now or never!

The last couple of weeks I have been running on a tight schedule. It is very challenging to get all the things done I have to do. I’ve tried to do tight scheduling but there are still tasks that I tend to postpone in order to prioritize others. The risk however of delaying tasks is that it takes more time to pick them up again on a later stage. I’ve seen this in all the things I am doing, among others the writing of my blog and some tasks related to my new job like calling new leads. Other tasks, like urgent translations, contracts that need to be checked and signed, household things like bringing the garbage to the bin on the street are accumulating and screaming for attention. The challenge is to keep my head cool and handle priorities in common sense. It sounds fairly easy but in reality there are a lot of mind tricks influencing my effectivity in choosing the right thing do do first.

Like this blog, I should have written it last night, but I spent a couple of hours on an appointment where I assisted someone with technical related stuff, yes, for money, so priority 1, and something I wouldn’t have done with this high priority if it hadn’t been for the money. In ten minutes I want to start my other tasks all of them related to money. Hurry up says my mind, and immediately my typing speed is decreasing and the amount of typo’s is increasing. It is fascinating to see how the effect can be immediate.

I have yesterday’s blog pending that still needs a couple of tiny fixes. I did not finish it right away, so with every minute going by the chance it will get posted is getting smaller. And that is a real waste of time at the end. So, from this moment on I will be aware of this pattern and I will stop this loop.


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