Body or mind talk

Today I am not feeling very fit. I had no problems with getting up after a relatively short night of barely 5 hours and started my morning routine quite easily. By mid morning I started feeling tired and developed a light headache. I also have a light cold that causes me to sneeze violently once in a while. When I went outside to clean the snow and open the gate I started feeling a little dizzy. After lunch I became overwhelmed by a heavy sense of sleep and closed my eyes until my phone rang and forced me back into my work. By the end of the evening I felt my ears glowing and had a strange feeling of hunger that did not fade away  as it normally does just before dinner time.

All these signals are telling me something. I am definitely going through a lot of changes lately. My new assignment has quickly developed into a full time job not really considering that much other activities I have and a couple of other assignments I have to take care of. Once a week I am teaching Italian and French to some friends and a few kids and every night I am writing a blog. I will have to find a balance in this without draining my physical body. It might be I am giving my body not enough rest at night. In this I have to consider an old conviction that I need at least a certain amount of sleep. So, if the hours are becoming less than five is it my mind or my physical body telling me I should sleep more?

Tonight I will listen to my body and give it a little more rest. S. suggested I am going to have a flu. Well we’ll see tomorrow if that is the case and deal with it accordingly. So, good night for now. I’ll be back tomorrow.


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