Bold timeloops

Every time when my partner is cutting my hair we talk about it. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I ask myself why I am not doing it. Oh yes, I’ve got a couple of practical reasons like the cold. I can already feel my hair is not giving me the protection against the cold what it gave me until a few years ago. When I look in the mirror and say to myself that there isn’t a big difference between my short hair and being bold I am not completely honest with myself. I do not see hair as something that gives me my personality or do I. Probably I do. I still feel resistance when it comes to shaving my head and it becomes more and more clear to me I will have to do something about it if I am going to make the difference.

It is funny to see that although I am becoming more aware I am still miles away from standing for equality for all. The next couple of weeks I will have to dedicate to stopping different time loops I see myself in when it comes to specific tasks, beliefs, emotions in daily life. Even in the subjects I come up with for my daily blog I see that I tend to come up with always the same for the simple reason I am just in the awareness phase and not taking any further action.

In the next couple of days/weeks I will read through Veno’s stuff again since it has been a while ago since I read it. Being more aware than a couple of years ago I guess it will make more sense to me and will allow me to apply self forgiveness practically. Although very busy I see still room for improvement regarding the way I manage my time resources. Also in my daily routines I see a tendency to follow specific habits that are eventually time consuming and not of any value for my process. So I will stop them right away, enough time wasted! It is about time I stop with these open ends, isn’t it?


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