Father – daughter relation

One of the things I will have to investigate and to take care of is all related to the father – daughter relation. It is amazing the mechanism of this construct is popping up every time there is a situation it can energetically feed on. Although it seems fine from the outside I have a hard time communicating with my daughter. I am aware of a lot of frustrations from my side that tend to influence the way I say things and give the words a certain energetic charge. Of course my daughter reacts on that and sees all possible mechanisms activated that trouble the communication on her side.

Not too long ago I finally decided not to talk anymore about her room she is not tidying up for a very long time. I kept asking her when she was going to do something about that situation and asked her to take her responsibility of fitting in a normal way of living in the house we all share. Due to this pressure she felt the need of promising me she was going to take action, without ever doing it for real. I then felt frustrated because she was not keeping her word not being aware of why she was making those promises in the first place. I also realized that it was my frustration that led me asking her to tidy up her room and not something that is a need of my daughter.

Of course I see she is struggling with several mind constructs and having a hard time to deal with them. This triggers the father construct preoccupation which cause me to be eager in trying to help her. This help is not appreciated and causes the opposite effect resulting in frustration and even greater preoccupation on my side. I see a girl who’s not able to take her own responsibilities and therefore all kind of doom scenario’s are popping up in my mind. The strongest of them right now is the probability that she’s not going to make it this year at school just because she refuses to put a minimum of effort in doing her schoolwork.

A lot of work has to be done here with a lot of self forgiving. At this moment I am not able to deal with school issues related to my daughter without feeling emotions and seeing my mind constantly coming up with warnings about what could go wrong. Instead of feeling fear for probably something that is not hers but my projected onto her I should be able to assist her as soon as she is ready to deal with her situation. On my turn I will ask my partner if she can assist me in this specific part of my process.


2 thoughts on “Father – daughter relation”

  1. …all kind of doom scenario’s are popping up in my mind….

    Yes, that is what I am also experiencing and generating with my son – no common sense in acting/speaking from that point of view; projections. It is my fear that speaks.

  2. Cool thanks for sharing

    First assist yourself and clear yourself of all emotional turmoil within before directing your child or anyone else for that matter. The reaction that you are holding towards the messy room cloaks an other layer which is will she be able to make it this school year and locks into the world parent matrix – what if I cant/will fail preparing my child effectively for this world?
    So a suggestion/ pointer to look at within depicting above writings.

    For practical living support
    Would be cool to see if you guys can come to a clear stipulation/agreement on what terms the 4 of you are living together regards to what spaces in the house are mutal responsibility cleaning wise and which are not and so on!


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