Commercial challenge

Having a new job is great especially when the conditions are fitting nicely your profile and skills and if on top of that you are given the freedom to perform your job following your own point of view. Seems a lot of freedom but it might get quite challenging since this freedom is relative. Here it means you are going to make the right choices and if you make mistakes you will have to take responsibility. If you put this new work situation in sync with my growing awareness and striding for equality and oneness I start to see that in almost everything we do and say there is a tendency to make things unequal or in other words more special.

Within my role as sales manager I will have to face business policy that uses specialness and inequality principles to bribe (future) customers letting them feel special compared to others not receiving the same treatment. When I discuss policies with the business owner he very clearly explains how he tries to bind customers by giving them a special treatment mainly using discounts to achieve his goal. He is even considering to raise prices to almost double the actual price for the company services so there is enough room to give huge discounts. This is funny because until now the company is profiling itself by asking honest and fair prices for the services they deliver.

If you dive a little deeper in the matter I can see that this need of making more money is connected to the desire of letting the business grow so it can sustain more people working for the company. Doing so there will be more room for the single person within the company to concentrate on specific tasks increasing service and quality levels. Here we see clearly how our actual economical model is not stimulating but frustrating development. In order to be able to improve the quality of services and goods you need first to make money so you can finance this improvement. On the marketplace you need to compete with many others that use all kind of tactics to bribe their (new) customers and have them pay as much possible money for the services and goods they deliver.

My challenge will be to use all my common sense to properly manage selling business in a very competitive market. My tools are common sense, common sense and common sense and a product that is very well made and is almost selling itself. My task is to boost sales by promoting to a larger audience the services of this company preferably not using seducing and bribing methods but just openness and equality towards anybody I am going to deal with.

In order to study the way I can deal with these challenges I’ll regularly post real life situations from my work. The first one is today’s discussion about the need of giving the customer a feeling he’s special by giving him a treatment that you suggest is just for him or a happy few. The businessowner F. is convinced this is the best way to build a relationship with your customers. What I see is that he is creating a situation in which he allows himself to be abused in the case he is going to offer a price that is even lower than the price he promotes as fair. This policy leaves very little room for unforeseen situations and leads to bad service in the situation a customer is requiring a lot of help from the help desk, more  than the price of the service is justifying.

To solve this issue I am going to introduce additional training packages that will be offered to the customer together with the service packages. If a customer requires more instructions than average he can choose for a training package and will have to pay the fair price for this extra service. The service itself can keep its own fair price. Lets see if this approach is going to work properly.

The next challenge will be to deal with the ‘specialness’ bribing selling tool. I’ll keep you posted.


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