My relation with money (part 3 of many)

This morning I had to go to my bank to discuss a loan or actually what they call an overdraft with permission. We have lived for the past six moths with this overdraft situation on our bank account for the simple reason that we had very little income, just enough to keep going. Since april an important job stopped and our monthly income dropped drastically. Thanks to a lot of small jobs and assignments, unconditional help from a lot of people around us, we managed to survive.

The overdraft situation was agreed until the 31st of December, so, following the Italian way of doing, now it is the right time to do something about it. I could have gone to the bank already in December only to be told to come back in January. The director of the bank is a kind man and is doing anything he can within his limits to help me out and live through these financially tough times. With no proofs of any certain income I managed to get this overdraft agreement. Now he is going to do a new request and suggested me to give him some kind of written document that proofs I am working on a regular base for a customer and are going to send monthly invoices.

While driving to the bank I had a hard time to stop my mind making up all kind of scenario’s. It is no fun to be in such a situation depending on the judgement of a bank in order to be able to live and pay your bills. If the overdraft is not going to be approved we are in big shit. There will be another solution for sure but with no money available almost everything you can do (life) stops immediately and I am very much aware of that. I felt my heart bouncing in my throat when I sat on the chair in front of the bank director who I know quite well by now. Later on I calmed down while we just discussed the practical things to be done to solve the problem. Next monday I have an appointment in which I will give him the agreement and some other data he needs. A request will be sent to the banks head office and once approved I will be able again to use my bank account.

Fortunately my new work assignment looks very promising. The business owner is asking if I am able to start working full time as soon as possible and he is repeating he has the means to pay my invoices immediately. I know he is serious about it because a couple of months earlier I did a translating job and he paid the invoice the same moment he received it.

What I and my partner Sylvia have experienced is that if you tell people about your financial situation without shame people tend to be more understanding and to be more helpful, although you will never understand what it means to have very little money until you have to face that situation yourself.

An update on this will follow next Monday.


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