For today’s topic I’m going back a couple of days when we had a visit of a friend of mine who asked me to watch a video on YouTube about world demographics.

He told me he got scared after watching this video. He generalized Muslims as Fascists and sees a danger in the fact their amount is growing rapidly while ‘our’ society is growing so slowly that in time it is due to disappear.

The video starts with the statement that based on research they can state that the world demographics is changing. Interesting is to find out why it is changing and why ‘modern’ society is not able to keep up the growth rate the Muslim society has. I am asking myself why there should be a growth anyway, is it not more common sense that we as human race are going to reach a point of balance with a stable world population? If you look at demographics we have seen a rapid growth in western society in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It seems that the Muslim society is in a comparable situation now.

I’ve been observing my friend expressing his fear about the message of the video. But what about myself? Does the video scare me? If it does or doesn’t, what arguments do I use to build my opinion? Do I feel different compared to my friend because he has fear and I do not? Am I more because I can see things more clearly than he does so I do not need to have fear? Here it gets complicated and there is a high risk of mindfucks. It is so easy to judge anything you hear and see and form an opinion on something or someone that it needs a lot of awareness and self forgiveness in order not to participate in these mind games.

I am not sure right now how to deal with these situations right now. My first step is to be more and more aware of what is going on in my mind. The next step will be do deal with the points I manage to identify so I can work on them systematically. This point of fear is a tough one since I still believe I do not feel fear in many occasions while it is very possible that I am pushing away or ignoring my fears by convincing myself I am not in danger of that I am stable enough to handle the situation. Here also is a lot of stuff to dig up in my past. I seem to have very few memories about several stages of my youth and in the context of fear I see fear for my father as a main thread throughout my youth.

In the present my biggest trigger for fear is the lack of money. Strangely enough the more I deal with this fear by dealing with the issue here and now, acting practically and not in the mind by working out all kind of doom scenario’s I am able to manage my financial situations with less interference and more effectively.


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