The start

Having a partner who’s already into Desteni (as we like to say it) for quite a while allowed me to follow her process from very close. I can say I learned a lot and concluded also I have a long path to go. Every time An issue is tackled I tend to say to myself: “Funny, I never felt it like that, presumably it is not an issue for me.”

Fortunately I started to develop some doubts about that statement. It is much more likely that I have been stuffing away a lot of ‘shit’ in my life, so deep I am not aware of it anymore. I’ll have to start digging and sometimes very deep… Not really looking forward to it to be honest. On the other side I see clearly it is the only way to go and that I have to take my responsibilities in this. So there we go! See this as a further preparation until I officially will start with my ITD.

I’ve been very reluctant to start this blog. I feel that I am always too busy with other more important things. When I started to analyze how I was managing my time I had to come to the conclusion that I had plenty of time! Just a matter of having the right priorities and recognizing  that I was spending a lot of time on things I could easily do without.

There are so many topics I could start writing about that it already started to blur my mind. There also is some work to do, focussing on the subject without letting your mind think of things in the past and in the future, just be here and now. BIG challenge. But, I am making slow progress on this point and just the fact I see it works to be here now in this moment. The fact I recognize I am in the mind is a little step forwards.

Without an ITD or even a SRA my process is not very much structured. Until now we couldn’t afford to pay for the two of us, with the DIP this has changed now and there is also a new job I started that should improve our financial situation a bit. This seems an excuse, and I understand that structure is depending on how I organize myself.

So, homework for tonight is to join the Desteni forum, introduce myself and make sure this blog is published on as many places as possible. Let’s see how I manage to perform these tasks.


3 thoughts on “The start”

  1. well done – looks like you accomplished all the tasks on
    you ‘to do list’ – cool to see you here and on the forum! enjoy

  2. very cool – taking initiative to get the ball rolling can
    often be one of the toughest parts – thank you for sharing

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