One of three hundred sixty five

Although I do not particularly believe in starting something the first of January I am starting this blog exactly on this date (I am writing this part on December 31st just preparing the blog for the launch).

The time is ready to do some writing about my process of freeing myself from everything that is limiting my self in this world. My motivation (sorry for the word, I’ll come up with a better one later) is based on all what I am learning from following the process of my partner Sylvia. Even if I am not doing the SRA course of Desteni I’ve been ‘contaminated’ and once you are in this, there is no way back.

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2 thoughts on “One of three hundred sixty five”

  1. Great Pieter you did it! Finally you erased all the excuses for not writing yourself out, for not starting your own process. You can certainly learn from others, but in the end you have to do it yourself. You have to sort yourself out so just stick to the principles of life to stand as life as equal to all.

  2. that’s awesome! another one on the way to self – and at the
    point of no return! cool to see this 🙂 i still don’t know how to
    ‘follow’ a wordpress blog as a blogspot-blogger – but i’ll look
    into it. enjoy!

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